Clean Plumbing for Optimum Health

Some of our internal systems get a lot of attention, others not so much.  One reason you don’t hear people talk too much about our bowels is because…well…it’s embarrassing.

The internal plumbing system of any person looking to get and remain healthy must be maintained like any other system in the body.

Here’s where the art of pooping comes in to play.  The use a a new device called the Squatty Potty The Original Toilet Stool, White 7″.

Basically our ancestors only were able to use the bathroom in the squatting position.  Modern day toilet place the human sphincter in a precarious position that leaves much to be desired.

If you watch their promo video it will give you a better idea of what’s going on internally and you will also get a good laugh.

Proper evacuation of the bowels is important for a number of reason.  It helps to completely rid the body of all toxins that are being excreted and it helps to prevent many common problems associated with the colon.

The squatty potty claims to help prevent hemorrhoids due to the fact that there is far less straining on the John.  Instead of having to grunt and push, your bowel movements are supposedly much easier in this position.

The next claim is that it helps prevent colon cancer because it greatly reduces the amount of poo that remains in the colon after a bowel movement.  Fragments and pieces left behind can lead to polyps and eventually cancers of the colon and recital areas.

The  umber one thing that intrigued me about their claim was that you will lose far less toilet paper.  Yes this is an uncomfortable and awkward discussion to have but it os one thing that everyone must do.

Supposedly the device helps things to slide out so much quicker and so much more efficiently that less toilet paper is needed at the end of your duties.

Using less toilet paper is not only a savings in money but it will also help the environment.  Less trees being cut down for less toilet paper production.  I’m feeling more green already.  Or maybe that was a bad choice of words.

The squatty potty first appeared on the TV series Shark Tank.  It of course made everyone snicker but they seemed to have a valid point that caught the attention of the Sharks.

A valid point and a valid product for something that everyone has to do.  This isn’t a niche specific product by any stretch of the imagination.  Everyone must poo and it appears as though everyone could benefit from the product’s use.

Couple that fact with a genius marketing campaign and you have a new product that has performed well on the open market.  You can find it in stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and also Amazon and other major retailers.

I purchased my very own squatty potty about three days ago.  I haven’t given it enough attention yet to decide if that sector of my life really has improved as they claim.  I’ll keep everyone posted on my success rate since my purchase and let you know my full thoughts on the claims.